How can MAC Scientific help you?

There are two main groups of people that MAC Scientific help. MAC Scientific has established a reputation for providing clients with quality candidates who are nourished and developed by an agency that does more than just filter CV’s.

If you are a candidate the MAC Scientific website provides you with access to some of our latest vacancies. Browse the vacancy section and see if any of the roles are right for you. If you can’t find a suitable vacancy then let us know – we welcome feedback from potential candidates and it may be that the right job has just surfaced but is not on the website yet.

You can place your trust in MAC Scientific's Consultants who are not only Recruitment Employment Confederation (REC) trained and qualified but they are  Institute of Recruitment Professionals (IRP) members too. That means our professionals are up to date with legislation and current best practices.  MAC Scientific is a Corporate Member of the REC and therefore assures you of highest standards built into our processes.

Our Consultants have pledged to work to the IRP's Code of Conduct.  You will not find a MAC Scientific Consultant sending your CV without your permission and we mean for any job, you won't find us asking you about one job and sending you for others too.  You will receive the highest standards of service.

We understand that our job seekers vary in their needs from the first time job seeker to Senior Management.  Some need a change of scenery, for others it's a planned career move and often there are those who have been made redundant.  Whatever you require of us we it’s our job to find you the right job.

More specifically it means that there are a number of guidelines to which we adhere. Visit to find out more.

Our site also contains useful guides on a range of topics including tips for writing your CV, advice on how prepare for and perform at interview and even career advice from financial to IT considerations.

If you are a client be assured that we pride ourselves on the quality of our work. We will provide you with the right candidates within the timescale you want them. To save you time we'd rather supply you with quality CV's than quantity, you will not get "snowed" by MAC Scientific.

We also pledge to keep you informed, if we cannot find that Scientific specialist, we will tell you why and let you know what we are to do to resolve the matter.

Our best references come from clients who have been using our services and from candidates who we've placed – we find they are our best sales people!

All MAC Scientific consultants must be REC qualified and IRP members too.  This together with our compliance processes assures you a quality service and the peace of mind.

Visit to find out more about the recruitment industry's trade body and it's standards.