I didn’t get the job because of a virus!

Most corporate virus checkers now automatically quarantine suspect e-mails – the recipient will receive a note saying that a suspect e-mail has arrived. They have to click on a link to view the e-mail, click on the attachment to see if the virus can be cured and only then view the contents.


In the world we live in you cannot afford to have delays or you will be overlooked.

For instance if you’re one of 10 people sending in a CV, 9 of them don’t have a virus and yours does, then you’re likely to be dealt with last - in the best possible scenario that is!

Whilst we at MAC Scientific endeavour to check all CV’s sent to us other firms may be less forgiving – some virus checkers simply bounce the e-mail back, rejecting it before it gets into the system.


If you are serious about security you must have an up-to-date anti-virus program. Go for a name, such as Kaspersky, Norton, Mcafee, Symantec and make sure it’s up to date.


You can't just install it and leave it, you need to have updates that can deal with the latest virus and worms.

If you’re on broadband then you should be able to set the program update to take place automatically. If you’re on dial up it may be slightly trickier, but make sure you update the virus list every day.


If your machine is used by more than one person, or frequently uses CD’s or floppies from other machines then ensure that your anti-virus software checks ALL outgoing mail. Carry out a full system scan once per week to ensure your PC is healthy.


Passing on a virus can seriously damage your job securing abilities.